We help your business grow and retain its customer base.
Solsix is Product, Marketing, Data. Solved.

About Solsix

Solsix SaaS Product and Marketing Expertise

Solsix specializes in helping your business grow and retain its customer base. From tactical and technical fixes to strategic insights, we can help. Solsix operates at the intersection of product, marketing, and data, to deliver unsurpassed results in optimization and growth for your business.

Experienced People

Keith Sibson Expert Product Marketing and Data Consultant

Our principal, Keith Sibson, has 18 years of experience in technical, marketing, data, and product management roles across multiple industries. This, founded on a PhD in Computer Science.


Growth Hacking

Solsix Consulting Services

Our services range across Marketing and Product, with specific expertise in levering data to optimize your KPIs and discover opportunities for increased growth and longer customer retention.


Solsix is the best growth solution partner for your business.

How We Work

Solsix has deep experience rooted in Computer Science with which we can analyze your technical environment and map it to your larger strategic goals. We have no “favored stack” – a hammer for every nail – each of our solutions is bespoke based on your specific needs and goals. We will:

  • assess your goals and identify quick wins
  • take an agile approach to deliver continuous incremental progress
  • not recommend platform changes unless absolutely necessary
  • accommodate for existing expertise on your team
  • deliver versatile solutions that you can maintain by yourself
  • recommend spending as if were our own money

Frequently asked Questions

A major strength is our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry or technology quickly. However, the industries where we have the most experience are:

  • Enterprise Software
  • Consumer Financial Services
  • Marketing Tech
  • Publishing & Media
  • Marketplaces
  • Automotive

We get to the bottom of how your business works and how you make money. We are not deploying template-based solutions, each solution is uniquely crafted as if we were an extension of your own team with shared long term goals.

Each engagement starts with an initial free consultation to determine your goals and whether Solsix is the right partner for you. Some technical discovery may be necessary, but typically most of this can be done through direct analysis of your product and/or websites.

Enterprise Software
Enterprise Software Consulting Expertise

Our principal led product and marketing at an enterprise software company for 4 years, where he turned a declining business with an under-invested product into a market leader. This success came with a small development team, no significant budget increases, judicious build or buy decisions, rigorous vendor selection, and innovative marketing techniques.

Consumer Financial
Consumer Financial Services Expertise

Deep experience in consumer financial services came from our principal leading product at NetSpend for several years, in addition to establishing highly successful online and direct mail channels. He also worked in a variety of technical and analytical roles, so understands not just what works in consumer financial, but how and why it works.

Publishing & Media
Marketplace Business Model Expertise

Our principal built a successful technology services business specifically to help publishing and media companies grow their audience and maximize the value of first party data, including via paywalls. Solsix deeply understands the publisher business model, and the application of technology to increase revenue.

Marketplace Business Model Expertise

If your business is a multi-sided platform, we have the experience to maximize performance. Our principal led Revenue and Analytics at SpareFoot.com, the most successful marketplace business in Austin. Whether you need more sellers, more buyers, or more engagement by either, Solsix will find a path.

Marketing Tech
Marketing Technology Expertise

Our principal has over a decade of experience in vendor selection and contract negotiation, as well as competing directly within the martech space. With our technology and marketing expertise, Solsix can easily see through a solution vendor’s marketing smoke and mirrors to determine their core capabilities. This equips Solsix as the ideal partner when selecting technology for your business.

World class ability to analyze and interpret data, innovate on existing business models and processes, and solve technical and operational problems.
Data & Analytics

We are experts in analyzing and interpreting data. We can clean and make sense of any data set, no matter how unstructured. We use our scientific backgrounds to build sophisticated models for product engagement, marketing KPIs, and your overall SaaS business. We are so confident in this that if you provide raw business data during your initial free consultation, we guarantee that we will find something interesting and actionable that you don’t already know.


Our principal has a long successful history of product and marketing innovation across multiple industries. Ideas by themselves are just potential, but Solsix can help you plot shortest path towards realizing their benefits, or even help you execute to completion. We deeply understand how the world and the people and technology within it works, so our ideas are rooted in the reality of your business and not just template best practices.

Technical Strength

Our principal is a former software developer and manager, and holds a PhD in Computer Science. Solsix knows technology at a fundamental level, and can quickly assess your technology stack and plot the best path towards meeting your goals. We strive for fast and low-cost “minor surgery” as opposed to major overhauls. Where highly specialized technical skills are needed, we excel at finding and managing the lowest cost outside resources.


Request a 30 minute consultation with our principal.

Our promise: no PowerPoint sales pitch. We'll discuss your business, your challenges and opportunities, and determine if and how Solsix can help.

Regardless of whether we work together, we guarantee you'll come out of the call with at least one concrete actionable idea for your business.