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Our principal, Keith Sibson, has 18 years of experience in technical, marketing, data, and product management roles across multiple industries and at companies large and small. The foundation of his strength lies in his computer science and software development background – the how – on top of which is breadth and depth of experience in product and marketing – the why. This unique combination of skills and experience makes Keith extremely versatile, able to quickly assimilate relevant knowledge about your business, understand its moving parts, and formulate solutions that move it towards your goals.
Keith Sibson - Solsix Principal
SVP Product & Marketing

PostUp is an enterprise omni-channel marketing platform. Keith led both Product and Marketing, architecting and leading the company through a transformative, vertically focused “Client Business Outcomes” product strategy that reversed a 20% YOY revenue decline to 30% YOY growth, in the highly competitive ESP market. PostUp had a successful exit through acquisition by Upland Software in 2019.

Key to PostUp’s growth was Keith’s deployment of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) targeting the Publishing & Media industry, which over the course of a year tripled our sales pipeline and increased new client MRR by 50%.

VP Revenue

SpareFoot is an aggregator for Self Storage businesses, like but for physical storage. As VP of Revenue, Keith’s primary responsibility was driving growth through data. He built a team and platform that powered all Analytics and Business Intelligence, implemented data-driven conversion optimization of consumer experience, led data science for search results optimization, and spearheaded a variety of initiatives commensurate with a growing startup.

As the dominant aggregator in Self Storage, SpareFoot’s early growth was contributed to heavily by Keith’s analysis and optimization of the marketplace’s mechanics.

VP Product

After starting as a senior software developer, Keith ultimately led product at the financial services company NetSpend, a processor and marketer of prepaid cards. Along the way, Keith led the creation of the online channel, now a $200MM revenue business, won awards for innovation in consumer financial programs, and helped grow NetSpend into the market leader and through IPO. NetSpend was ultimately acquired by TSYS for $1.6Bn in 2013.

NetSpend gained Keith experience at multiple levels of the consumer financial services industry, from the technical, through product and marketing, and up to strategic, compliance, and legal disciplines.


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Combined with my product and marketing experience, my hands-on technical knowledge allows me to fully evaluate technology vendors and easily see through any ‘marketing BS’. It also allows me to create high quality and thorough technical requirements, plotting an optimal technical course towards meeting business goals. In general, I am an expert at analyzing a business situation, understanding the moving parts, and developing a viable product and technical strategy that improves both top line revenue and profitability.

You can count on Solsix to deliver.