Solsix excels in marketing and data technology.

Looking for technical solutions?

Technical Services

Solsix excels in marketing and data technology.

Looking for technical solutions?


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the discipline of optimizing meta-content. That is, the characteristics of content on your site that are not typically visible to readers, but are visible to search engine crawlers. It is the structure of your headings, the meta descriptions, the integrity of your links, the size of your images, and the speed of page loading. Because technical SEO exists “under the hood”, it is usually not visible to your marketers and content specialists that see the site every day. Even site performance issues may be hidden from you due to browser caching. While the quality of your site’s content is always the most important factor in driving organic search rank, good technical SEO can give you a significant edge, and bad technical SEO can bury your site below the fold where it might as well not exist.

Solsix can perform a technical SEO audit in just a few hours that is guaranteed to improve the quality of your site. If you are struggling with your organic search rank, or just want to maximize your potential gains, contact us for a free consultation and technical SEO health check.

Data warehouse design and build

A data warehouse should be the core of your data-driven product and marketing strategy. Too many SaaS businesses suffer from data being siloed within distinct systems. As a simple example, you might have your web data in Google Analytics, your product engagement data in your production database, and your lifecycle marketing data in your ESP. How do you combine these data sets to generate holistic insights about your customers and formulate business strategies?

A well designed data warehouse pulls together disparate data sets into a single location for analysis. With a data warehouse, you will have the flexibility to deploy any of a range of powerful tools to visualize and analyze your data such as Tableau, PowerBI, Domo, or the free Google Data Studio. With a cloud based warehouse, you can even directly power your marketing efforts using off the shelf tools.

Solsix has deep technical experience in data warehouse build, as well as the analytical and product experience to design an effective schema that works for your business today and into the future.

Get More From Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is by far the most widely adopted analytics platform in the world. Frankly, this is because it is free. However, GA is a greatly underrated platform and most users are only scratching the surface of its capabilities. GA’s segmentation, data enrichment, eCommerce, and technical interoperation capabilities equal or exceed that of the best enterprise solutions available. The problem is that these capabilities are not widely known. A dirty secret here is that Google offers GA for free because it uses your data to further their advertising business. This is nothing to worry about, but it explains why Google doesn’t seem to care whether you are getting the most value of out of GA. Once you put the GA tag on your site, Google is getting “paid” in data, and you are extremely unlikely to “cancel” by removing the tag. Anecdotally, every business we have seen that uses Adobe Analytics (Omniture), is also using GA, whether they knew it or not.

Solsix is an expert in GA, if you struggling with a specific problem, need better marketing insights, or even considering a switch to another provider, Solsix can help you get the most out of what you already have.

Marketing Technology Vendor Selection & Integration

Do you find the number of marketing technology solutions overwhelming? With the sheer number of vendors in the marketing space, it’s difficult and time consuming to sort the wheat from the chaff. Perhaps you already have a solution you are leaning towards but are unsure if it really will work for you, or easily integrate with existing systems?

Solsix can help you verify vendor claims about their technology, or source the ideal new solution and help you integrate. Martech stack “bloat” is a growing problem. In many cases, Solsix can help you sidestep the need for a new vendor entirely, by applying a little technical glue to make your existing systems do the job.

Marketing Site Design & Build

Your marketing site is the store front of your business. It is the first thing your potential clients see, and unfortunately, for most, also the last. As a marketer, you probably understand that there is more to creating and optimizing your marketing site than just “good design”. Not only must your site look good and reflect your brand, but it must also incorporate your strategies for product marketing, content marketing, paid traffic acquisition, lead generation, and organic SEO. This is why many companies hire agencies to build and maintain their site. Most agencies do a good job, but they are expensive because they maintain a staff of full time specialists: the designer, the SEO expert, the project manager, the WordPress expert, etc.

Solsix is different. We maintain relationships with freelance contractors and pass through only their actual costs. Our expertise is in working with you formulate a project plan that meets your goals, marshaling external resources, and ensuring a high quality integrated result. Solsix achieves the results of the best marketing agencies, at a fraction of the cost.

Advertising Targeting & Optimization

Paid advertising is an effective means to drive new customer acquisition, but platforms like Google and Facebook are complex and difficult to use. Are you paying an advertising agency for monthly reports that always seem to be saying the same thing? This is a sign that your agency has run out of good ideas. Or perhaps you have a junior person on staff that manages paid marketing part time. Are they really getting the most of your advertising budget? Paid advertising is challenging for companies, because its requires technical expertise, but usually does not justify a full time employee. When set up effectively, paid advertising can be largely left to run on autopilot.

Solsix has expertise in paid marketing and will create and execute a marketing strategy that meets your business goals while achieving the best ROI on your advertising dollar. We’ll also provide you with the knowledge your team needs to effectively maintain your marketing campaigns without an expensive agency “retainer”.